Permaculture show garden

Permaculture show garden

The permaculture show garden was designed as a forest garden with the aim of showing systems that work, and systems that do not work and why. Therefore, there are also some suboptimal examples in the garden which should start discussions. 

The garden contains 14 peach varieties, multiple apricot trees, pecans, plumbs and prunes, a apple tree and a pear tree, two sejuan pepper plants, multiple pawpaws as well as three chestnut trees. Furthermore, there are grape vines, kiwis, rasp- and blackberries, asparagus, as well as raised and „hugel“ beds for different vegetables. The garden also boasts a collection of sun chokes and other „exotic“ plants such as edible bamboo, which can be seen in summer as then the pots are moved outside. 

The garden is open to any visitor, tours can be organised when communicated in time.

Courses such as grafting or tree pruning can be found here


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