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Stefan Griesser

Owner and founder of Varietas AG.
He started his first company in 1996 and
and offers plant breeding services under the brand of Varietas since 2009.
Stefan grew up as the son of a farmer and a professional gardener and has been breeding plants for over 20 years. He is an expert in special and marginalized crops as well as forest gardens and other permaculture practices.
By trade, he is an evolutionary and population biologist with experience in marker assisted plant breeding and (epidemiological) modelling. He started studying biology, went over to agronomy and finished a Masters in environmental sciences at the ETH in Zurich.
He did his bachelor thesis work on soft and hard species borders in wild tomatoes, crossing and breeding them.
A paper he contributed to in that line of work can be found here.
His master thesis investigated regenerative agricultural practices. To this end he mapped permaculture and its application all over Switzerland and created a systematic classification of permaculture practises in an agrarian and garden context splitting permaculture into group work found mostly in urban agriculture, planning, implementation, biodiversity, animal husbandry, water-, soil- and energy-use as well as the ethical approaches.
Stefan has a wide interest in breeding and agronomy and is happy to assist in any capacity, alone or with his team, as a consultant, modeller or service provider for your breedings projects in this regard too.
(MSc ETH Environmental Sc.)

Kontakt: stefan@varietas.chcopa


Noemi Brom

Breeding & Administration

Noemi is the one that keeps everything going by organizing the whole work and pushing the rest of us!

(MSc ETH Environmental Sc.)

Christoph Schiessl

Field work & Statistics

Christoph did his PhD in math and is an enthusiastic gardener. He likes genetics, MAS, QTL-analysis and plant breeding in general.
(Dr. sc. ETH)

Manuel Schmucki

planning & field trials

Manuel visited Varietas for the first time for his professional internship for his ETH-Masters in agricultural sciences he finished with us and has helped with the planning of the field trials ever since.

(MSc ETH Agricultural Sc.)

Annafried & Martin Widmer-Kessler

workshops, show garden, guided tours

Annafried and Martin are ProSpecieRara veterans where, among other things, they organise the seed and threshing course. They tirelessly help to save and increase the plant diversity within our team. You can also reach the two for courses at Lunexgarten.

Celine Capelli

Modelling & Statistics

Celine likes to play with numbers and data and therefore takes on the job in the team that has the most to do with it.


(MSc ETH Environmental Sc.)

Thomas disch

agricultural supervision

Thomas, with his training as a certified farmer, is responsible for our agricultural supervision and controlling.

Here you can see him working with the employee of the year doing rodent control.

(certified farmer)


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Richard Gruseck


Celia Bermudez Angulo


andrew jehle


Manuel Schmucki


Annette Maurer


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