Customised varieties for specialised and direkt marketing!

Not only do we conduct classical breeding with the aim of having our varieties registered for the European market, but we also conduct a special service program with the aim of increasing potato varieties.
Our customised varieties for farms allows farmers to cultivate a new exclusive variety and market it as a speciality.
As we know how difficult the market is these days, no fixed sums are expected, as this proves to be an obstacle for many. Rather, we get a percentage of the profit made by the farmers each year through the retail of our varieties.

Our breeding services are offered and tailored to farmers, under the social construct of participative plant breeding. Farmers receive a core base of tubers of a variety bred to fit their needs and desires, and are consulted considering variety conservation and potential in vitro cultivation. From this point on farmers are responsible for producing their own seed potatoes.

As not every variety performs the same at different locations, we recommend to first try out multiple varieties with similar characteristics and then keep the most productive variety. This process does not lead to more costs for our customers.

Here a small overview what we are working on at the moment.

Pay us a visit, our greenhouses and fields in order to obtain an impression of our work. The pictures below show how our heat tolerance test is harvested in the fall:

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